Mary Grace Knight

Bird Woman / Chimney Sweep

Mary Grace is fourteen years old and is in ninth grade. She is homeschooled alongside her two younger sisters and two younger brothers. Mary Grace enjoys performing especially singing and dancing and has performed in a number of roles including Kate in Legally Blonde, ensemble Beauty and the Beast and Fairy Godmother in Descendants with CAST as well as Viola in Twelfth Night with Roots Classical Tutorial. She is very excited about her first classical musical performance with CAST.

Mary Grace loves playing sports, tumbling, dancing, hiking, playing with her younger siblings and she is a very gifted singer. She loves to put on performances both singing and acting at home with her siblings. Mary Grace also serves on the praise team in our elementary school ministry at Joy Church and she loves serving the Lord in this way. She has also been recognized as a Triple Memory Master with our Classical Conversations homeschool group. Mary Grace is a wonderful big sister and daughter and spending time with her family is very important to her.